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I have been thinking about sustainability a lot lately. One of the definitions of sustainable given by Webster’s Dictionary is: “of, relating to, or being a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged.” While many of our minds link sustainability and the environment these days, as we should, it is an important concept to apply to all areas our lives. The scope of how sustainable our lives are must encompass the way we use our time, what we buy, what we eat, how we care for others and our environment, and how we care for ourselves. Sustainability is not taking more than you need, and on the flip side, not giving more than you are able to. Balance and harmony are words often used in describing sustainability, words that should be applied to all areas of one’s life.

I do a fairly good job of really questioning and adjusting the choices I make when it comes to sustainability regarding the products I buy and the foods I consume. I am fortunate to have access to a wealth of information to educate myself and live in a city with a plethora of options, allowing me to easily make choices that are better for the environment and better for my health. I do a fairly poor job of budgeting my time in ways that are sustainable. Which brings me to this blog. Is writing a quality post daily sustainable? Not really. The rate of small typos and grammatical errors is quite high because frankly, I have not yet discovered how to squeeze more than 24 hours out of each of my days and my weeks still consist of seven measly days. I have begun actively writing a book that will someday be more than just a conversation sparker, which means blog writing takes a backseat many days.

As I watch my readership grow, which is very exciting and also very frightening (it’s brought on an interesting stage fright of sorts), I am more aware then ever of the need to really ponder and polish what I share on this blog. With that being said, there will still be a daily post, but it may simply be a quote, a picture, or a link to something I want to share. Before you freak-out, rest assured, I will still be writing a minimum of four days a week. I will still be sharing all of my experiences, life lessons, and ponderances. Now I will simply get to use my professional editing skills on my own writing. (Don’t retire the hot pink ballpoint pen just yet Mom, I’m sure there will still be plenty of errors for you to catch.)


About djunapassman

I teach yoga, write, and edit. I live in a Brooklyn neighborhood that is changing faster than I can, or care to, keep up with. Manhattan still beckons me to her island a few subways stops away, reminding me of when I lived amongst her daily hustle and bustle.
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