Good For You Mac and Cheese

I am at a total loss for what to write tonight so instead I will share with you one of my favorite recipes. I was hesitant the first time I made this, but was sold after the first bite – and it has been a hit at dinner parties. I present to you…vegan, gluten-free if you want it to be, pretty darn healthy mac and cheese.

A side note, I do not soak the nuts. I also leave out the kale…a lot. I love kale, but sometimes I want a guilty pleasure to be a guilty pleasure.

About djunapassman

I teach yoga, write, and edit. I live in a Brooklyn neighborhood that is changing faster than I can, or care to, keep up with. Manhattan still beckons me to her island a few subways stops away, reminding me of when I lived amongst her daily hustle and bustle.
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