Eat to Live

A friend recently convinced me to go on the Eat to Live 6-week Diet. I was looking to clean up my diet and improve the way I was feeling, so, it seemed like a good idea. The diet for each day (roughly) is as follows:

Unlimited amounts of raw vegetables and fruits, lightly cooked vegetables, and legumes

No more than 1 serving of starchy vegetables or whole grains

1 Tbsp ground flaxseed

1 oz raw nuts or 2 oz avocado

No salt

No sugar

No animal products

No snacking between meals

While it seems extreme, and it is, I personally like salads and am fully vegan at home, which made this seem doable. I will admit from the get go, I did not stick to 3 meals a day with no snacking. For a variety of reasons that simply was not an option for me – I need snacks. I lasted all of 24 hours before having a major meltdown. I had no idea how to cook anything without salt and olive oil. I am a carb addict and one cup of brown rice mixed in with my salad just wasn’t cutting it.

The first week was rough! I felt like a cow, grazing in mass quantities. I was eating my salads out of serving bowls because I needed that much to be full and energized enough to get through my day. I greatly struggled with the amount of food I needed to eat, while never quite feeling satiated. I found myself obsessing way too much and veering away from any form of moderation.

The second week went more smoothly. I started to get creative with my cooking. I was able to make some really tasty meals. I got excited about cauliflower rice – you know, raw cauliflower dumped into a food processor until it resembles rice. I became that person. I also had a cheat day. My friends surprised me by taking me out to eat (they did not know about the diet), and well, I ate more than undressed lettuce at the restaurant.

Now in the third week, this diet has forced me to closely examine my eating and cooking habits. It has also forced me to re-evaluate what is truly healthy for me. Did I need to incorporate more raw fruits and veggies into my diet? Yes. I had veered into indulging in comfort foods a little too often. That being said, I already ate a healthy, mostly vegan diet consuming very little processed and prepackaged foods. When I told people I was doing this diet I got responses in the range of: “What are you detoxing from? Too much broccoli?” and “How many salads can one person eat in a day?” Apparently, I can eat a lot of salads in one day. After reading Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s book, Eat to Live, I feel more well informed regarding the foods my body needs and I can make healthier choices. I have also felt amazing while on this diet. That being said, I don’t know that I will ever be a full-fledged nutritatrain, but I do highly recommend everyone read Eat to Live. I like food. I like going out to eat and sharing meals with friends. Even the healthiest restaurants use salt, oil, and sugar in their foods. I get obsessed over food too easily when needing to limit certain foods, which just isn’t healthy for me. I also love baking; it is meditative and healing for me. Will I last the whole 6 weeks? Stick around to find out.


About djunapassman

I teach yoga, write, and edit. I live in a Brooklyn neighborhood that is changing faster than I can, or care to, keep up with. Manhattan still beckons me to her island a few subways stops away, reminding me of when I lived amongst her daily hustle and bustle.
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