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Creative Arts Therapies Week

This is Creative Arts Therapies Week, which has stirred up a tremendous amount of emotion for me. First of all, I know the vast majority of you are wondering, “What are creative arts therapies?” Creative arts therapists utilize a creative … Continue reading

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A Retreat to Begin Anew

I haven’t been writing much lately. I certainly haven’t posted to this blog lately. A lot has happened. I will not go into detailsĀ here, because we all have our own detailed stories of feeling crushed, deeply hurt, misunderstood, and broken … Continue reading

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Work In Progress

Last week in one of my intermediate/advanced yoga classes I had a new student who was pushing herself way too hard, forcing herself into advance expressions of poses that she simply did not have the flexibility or strength for. I … Continue reading

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No, I Did Not Get My Master’s Degree to Teach Yoga

I have been wrapped up and distracted by a job that I may or may not get, purely based on state mandates and certifications. All of the interviews, constant resume rewriting in attempts to appease state officials, lengthy phone conversations … Continue reading

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