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Freak Out

This afternoon all the logistics of leading my first yoga retreat came crashing down, dressed in all of my irrational (and some potentially rational if not blown totally out of proportion) fears. What if we don’t all find the shuttle … Continue reading

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Stillness can be very hard for people, especially for those of us who live in large cities where there is very little stillness or quiet. It is usually my students who struggle with savasana (corpse pose), the period of time … Continue reading

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We Are Perfect Just As We Are (Really)

I am going to share something that is painfully revealing and a little embarrassing because, as I have discussed previously (https://littlerantsfromthebigcity.wordpress.com/2013/06/25/shared-feelings-and-experiences/) it is important to share our darker pieces and it is through sharing that we allow ourselves to connect … Continue reading

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