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California Sabbatical

Today marks the start of my 3 month sabbatical in California. The decision to leave my home in New York City was made rapidly, but the lead up was months in the making. No one has directly asked me, “Why?” … Continue reading

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No New Year’s Resolution

I didn’t make any resolutions this year. Instead, I made a promise to myself – this year I put myself first. This promise is two fold. First, a lot of my suffering last year came from putting others first, giving … Continue reading

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  I am not a napper. I quit cold turkey around the age of two and never looked back. I love to gather golden nuggets of napping advice from my friends and colleagues who are able to easily nap mid-day. … Continue reading

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Finding Balance When Work Does Not Feel Like Work

Tuesdays are one of my heaviest teaching days. Tuesdays are also my Fridays, the end of my work week with Wednesday as my day off, so I have a little less energy to start with. I teach in the morning … Continue reading

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Work In Progress

Last week in one of my intermediate/advanced yoga classes I had a new student who was pushing herself way too hard, forcing herself into advance expressions of poses that she simply did not have the flexibility or strength for. I … Continue reading

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No, I Did Not Get My Master’s Degree to Teach Yoga

I have been wrapped up and distracted by a job that I may or may not get, purely based on state mandates and certifications. All of the interviews, constant resume rewriting in attempts to appease state officials, lengthy phone conversations … Continue reading

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